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1) You agree that your data is held in the Barrow Borough District Council computer systems, and that you provide full consent for Barrow Borough Council to use the information provided to fulfill any service requests that you may raise through the system. You also consent that your data may be shared with any appropriate officers as required to fulfill your service requests. In some cases we use partner organisations to provide a service for us. We will only pass the relevant information to these partners. Barrow Borough Council and our partners will not pass your information to any other organisations.

2) Barrow Borough Council reserves the right to accept or refuse any applications for using our online services. Barrow Borough Council will refuse any applications and/or requests if information is proven to be false or does not adhere to our terms and conditions.

3) In using this service you undertake to conduct all your interactions with Barrow Borough Council in such a way as to cause no offence to any other person.

4) When you choose your username this must not contain in any part which could be considered to be offensive by another person, Barrow Borough Council reserves the right to change and/or remove any usernames that are considered in any way offensive.

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